Order card fields: Country, order type, store, manager, registration method
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Let's take a look at the first block of fields in the order card.

The "Country" field contains a drop-down list of countries selected in main settings. If only one country is active, the field will be hidden.

The choice of country determines how phone number and address field prompts are displayed.

Since customers can enter numbers in various formats, it is desirable to bring them together in a standardised form for sending SMS messages and calls. For example, if only Russia is selected, the system will change the numbers as follows:

  • +7 (495) 987-65-43 / +74959876543
  • 8 910-987-65-43 / +79109876543
  • 495 987-65-43 / +74959876543

When multiple countries are selected, the system will focus on the country code in the number. If it is not specified, the number will remain the same.

  • +7 (495) 987-65-43 / +74959876543
  • 8 910-987-65-43 / +79109876543
  • 495 987-65-43 / 4959876543

The choice of country determines the prompts in the "Region" and "City" fields, if the integration with Geohelper is enabled (it is active by default). The exception is orders in which the integrated delivery "Nova Poshta" is selected, where hints are used from the delivery service itself via API.

Values ​​for the "Order type" field are specified in the corresponding data book. The order type can only be changed to another one if the new order type's status transition rules are defined. This eliminates the situation in which the order becomes "stuck" in one status, owing to the transition rules in the matrix not being configured.

When you change the "Store" field, the country of the order is automatically changed to the one selected in the settings of the corresponding store.


Enabling the setting "Common external order IDs for all stores" means that you do not have to reset the external ID when you change the store. This is useful when you have multiple stores that are connected and share a common customer base.

The "Manager" field can be changed by any user for who has been given the specific access rights. If a user makes a change to data in an order that does not have a specified manager at the time of editing, then this user will be automatically bound to the order.

The field "Order method" can be changed depending on how the order appears the system. Methods are configured in the corresponding data book.


If a field with a drop-down list is selected in the order card (manager, store, delivery method, etc.) but is currently inactive, this data in the order will be grayed out and is marked as "Inactive".

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