Working with communications in an order
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In the "Communications" field, e-mails and SMS that are attached to the order are displayed.

Using the "New e-mail"/"New SMS" button and "Send message" (to chat), you can initiate a communication directly from the order card.

When forming an e-mail, you can select a template, and attach a printed form. It is also possible to configure a signature template.

Please note that the system has validation for the presence of certain elements in the text:

  • Validation for the presence of shortened links. When using shortened links in an Email there is a chance to get spam-filtered by mail providers. The validation will be triggered in the moment when the rule is activated with a warning that the full URL of the link is to be used.
  • Validation for the presence of potentially malicious code. It includes ActiveX, JavaScript, VBScript, Java-applets, Frames and IFrames. The use of such elements may lead to blocking of your mailings. If such a code is present, the mailing or rule will not be triggered with a corresponding warning.

In the "From" field, select the address from which the e-mail will be sent to the customer. A number of options are available for selection:

  • Customer manager - the e-mail address of the manager to whom the customer is assigned.
  • Customer store - e-mails will be received from the store where the customer is registered.
  • Order manager - the e-mail address of the manager who is responsible for the order.
  • Order store - e-mails will be received from the store where the order is placed.
  • Additional addresses are added in the system settings, in the "Mail" section.

You can also specify a preheader (the text that is displayed in the e-mail client after the subject of the e-mail). In the text, you can use twig, which will allow you to display personalised information about the customer. The preheader is invisible in the body of the e-mail. The customer will see the entered text only in the list of e-mails in the e-mail client. Preheaders are not displayed by some mail services (for example,


The system validates the format of the files attached to the message. If the file format is not supported, a message will appear stating that the loading of it was cancelled. For example, video/mp4 files will not be loaded. The files available for loading are described in the article at the link.

If there is an integration with a delivery service, attachment of documents from the delivery service is available in the "Printed form" field. When sending an e-mail, a document will be generated according to the template of the specified printed form and attached to the e-mail as an attachment.

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