Task notifications
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The system will automatically notify you when and which tasks need to be completed. Notifications appear in multiples of 5 minutes. The notification will be displayed until you close it, even if you refresh the page or navigate to other sections in the system.


In the demo version, the system does not check routinely for expired tasks or notifications.

List of notifications and tasks

If you missed a notification or accidentally closed it, a list of task notifications can be viewed in the lower left part of the interface. Clicking on the “bell” will open a window with a list of notifications and a list of tasks. In the list of notifications, you can mark a task as complete by selecting the checkbox to the left of the task.

If necessary, you can hide the completed tasks in the list by moving the slider ("Hide completed") in the top right part of the reveal (window).

By clicking on the name of the task, it will open in the same pop-in window, without going to a separate page, with the ability to edit or delete the task. Completed tasks look different - fields are not available for editing.

To return a completed task to work from the pop-in window you need to click on the "Open again" button.

The task will be set to "Open" status and will be available for editing. Also, you can return a completed task to work from the task list. To do this, just uncheck the checkbox in the task list.

Pop-up notifications in the workspace

If several tabs are open, then notifications will only appear in the active tab. If all tabs are inactive, then notifications will only appear in one of them. When a notification appears in an inactive browser tab, a notification will be displayed in the website icon (favicon) and tab title.


You can close multiple notifications at once by closing the notification while holding down the "Shift" key on the keyboard.

Email notifications

Notifications will also be sent as messages to the user’s email (if the “Notify by email” field is enabled in the user settings). The email arrives both at the moment the task is created, and at the time specified in the task for a reminder. The notification displays the task’s creator, due date and any comments left by the creator.

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