Creating and editing a task
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How do I create a new task?

A task can be created in the order card, customer card, as well as from the list of tasks and the "Notifications" block. When creating a task, a pop in window will appear, where the standard information on the timing of its execution and the responsible employee is filled in.

If you create a task from an order or a customer, it will automatically be linked to them. When creating a task from the list, you can specify that this is a task related to a customer or to an order. Both of these options can be selected simultaneously, but if the order relates to a customer, the task will be displayed both in the order and in the customer. You can also highlight several strings, thereby creating a copy of the task from the selected orders or customers.


If the date is specified in the task, but the time isn’t, then the current time will be automatically substituted when the task is saved.

How do I edit a task?

When granted the appropriate user rights, managers can edit and make corrections to a task. For example, you can shift the due date if you cannot complete the task within the specified time frame.

All fields in the task card can be edited, apart from the name of the manager who created it, and the order or customer to which the task is bound.

After the task is completed, the actual date and time are recorded in the corresponding field.

When you delete a customer, all information connected with them, including tasks, is deleted. When you delete an order, the task assigned to the order is also deleted.

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