Working with the product list
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The first tab "Products" contains a list of products uploaded during the integration process, or those that were added manually.

Use filters to make the process of working with a large number of orders more streamlined and efficient. Working with filters is described in the related article .

It is also possible to filter products by the marks: "Bestseller", "Best Price", "New" and "Recommended".

Below the filter is a list of products in the form of a table. The composition of the fields and their order can be changed. For details, see the related article .

In the product list, clicking on the quantity allows you to view information about the total number of product stock balances in each warehouse.

To enable the function, activate the "Details on product list stock balances" setting. To obtain detailed information on the stock balances of products in warehouses, you must activate the setting “Reservation of stock balances”. More details can be found in the article "Main Warehouse Settings" .

At the very bottom of the page you can select through product list pages, select the number of elements displayed per page, and export the data. For more information, see the articles: "Sorting and pagination of the order list" and "Data export from the order list" .

When exporting, each product-item variation will be displayed in a separate line. The number of lines depends on the number of item varieties that are specified in the product.

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