"Business Process" widget
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The "Business Process" tab shows a general overview of the system of order processing for an online store, displaying data on orders in their current state. The business process element corresponds to the status group and shows the number of orders (and the sum) at the time of viewing.


The "Business Process" widget does not depend on the filter by date configured above. This widget displays indicators for the entire period of the system's existence.

The business process can be viewed for a specific manager by setting the appropriate filter. If you click on the name of a status group in a business process, a list of statuses set for this group will open. Each of them will show the number of orders at the time of viewing the report. By clicking on the number of orders in the status, the user is taken to the list of orders, filtered by the corresponding status or group of statuses.

Blocks of cancellation statuses are displayed differently. This is due to the fact that orders in the "Cancelled" status can move from different statuses, and there is no way to filter the list of orders by previous statuses prior to cancellation.

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