Bulk customer-based changes and operations
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There are various types of bulk customer-based operations, including:

  • deleting customers
  • deleting tasks
  • deleting files
  • custom field change
  • write to WhatsApp
  • manager change

To carry out any bulk operation, place a tick in the checkboxes next to the required customers, and then click on "Actions" button. Different actions can be selected from here.

Bulk operations can be performed for all customers on a single page, or for the entire customer base. Click the blue arrow above the checkbox column in the top left of the customer list and choose to either "Select all items on the page" (all customers on the current page will be selected) or "Select all items in the list" (all customers active in the system list will be selected).

Alternatively, you can select multiple customers by pressing and holding the "Shift" key from the first and last of the required customers. This option is suitable if you want to select a certain number of customers in a sequence.

The operation of a mass deletion of customers is irreversible. During this operation orders placed by customers will also be deleted. Mass deletion of customers occurs in the background. Upon completion of the operation you will receive a notification with the deletion status (successful / with error).


There is a limit for all group actions. You can change a user field, add or remove a tag in 100 customers at the same time. You can change the manager only to 20 customers at a time.

Changing a user field allows you to change the value of a user field for selected customers.

To delete customers, the corresponding rights must be enabled in the "User group" settings.

The Write to Chat operation allows sending bulk messages from the customer list via WhatsApp QR or WhatsApp Business.

After selecting the action a pop-in window will open on the right side with the possibility of selecting the channel via which the sending will be performed.

Sending via WhatsApp QR

In the pop-in window that opens you should specify the text to send. When composing a message, the use of variables is available - customer name, email and phone number.

The customers who have received a message on WhatsApp can be marked by a tag.


Recommendations for sending:

  • Send to those users with whom you have already communicated on WhatsApp, as you can get the channel blocked if the sent messages are marked as spam several times.
  • Do not use links in messages, as this increases the risk of blocking.
  • Use variables to personalize messages - this reduces the risk of blocking.

To attach an attachment to a message you should click the Upload Files button. The maximum number of files to upload is 1. The maximum file size is 20Mb.

You can currently upload files in the following formats: png, jpg, xls, xlsx, pdf, doc, docx, rtf, txt, csv.

Send via WhatsApp Business

After selecting the sending channel, you should select a template message. Only active templates with a "Customer" event are displayed in the list.

The mailing takes some time, after the mailing is completed a notification will be received.


If several numbers are specified in the customer card, the sending will be realized to the first number. If no number is specified, then sending will not be realized.

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