Configuring the automatic dialogue distribution bot
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This bot allows you to configure flexible settings for the automatic distribution of dialogues between managers and bots.

Before connecting, create an API key that will be used to transfer messages. The key is available in the "API access keys" section.

When creating a key, activate the methods of the following sections: “Integration”, “Customers”, “Users” and “Data books”. Access to all stores must be given.

How to connect the automatic-distribution bot

Go to the "Marketplace", click on the integration module with the distribution bot and click on the "Connect" button. On the connection page, specify the URL of the system and the created API key. All changes must be saved.

After entering the necessary connection data on the bot's side and saving, the "Settings" block will appear.

On the settings page, the following information can be specified: the managers to whom the distribution of dialogues will be applied, settings for automatic distribution, the maximum number of open dialogues per manager, and fields for automatic replies to customers in certain situations (for example, if the manager is not online).

Configuring automatic-distribution bot

When the Automatically bind to customer in retailCRM setting is activated, the module will try to bind the user who wrote to the existing customer by phone or email.

When the Automatically create a customer in retailCRM setting is activated, the module will automatically create a new customer if it does not find matches in the existing database.

In the Reassign dialogues from offline managers setting, there are two options for reassigning dialogues:

  • All uncompleted dialogues - automatically reassigns all open dialogues with the last message from the customer when the responsible manager is in the "Busy" status or offline.
  • Only new dialogues - automatically reassigns only those dialogues that were opened after the customer's message, and for which no reply was provided. If a manager answers a message in a dialogue opened by the customer and the customer responds, the dialogue will not be reassigned.

Please note that the setting is triggered 30 seconds after the manager becomes unavailable. Dialogues are reassigned to a free manager.

When the Use automatic replies setting is activated - fields will appear in which the text of the automatic reply is specified. It is also possible to configure the channels via which automatic replies will be sent.

Fields with an automatic reply option are designed for three situations:

  • When all managers are offline or unavailable.
  • When all managers are busy or have the maximum number of dialogues assigned to them.
  • There are free managers to which dialogues are distributed.

After the dialogue is received, the distribution bot will work and the message template will be automatically sent to the customer, depending on the conditions.

Please note that the fields are required. If any of the fields are not filled in, you won't be able to save the changes.

The distribution channel is configured below, where you can select options for managers or bots. The "Manager" option allows you to specify the responsible managers only for the selected channel. That is, messages from the necessary channels will be distributed only to the selected managers.

Using API bots, you can create your own bot that will automatically reply to customers according to a certain script. Using API, you can make the bot responsible for the dialogues. Only after specifying these settings will it appear in the automatic-distribution bot settings, and subsequent dialogues will be assigned to it.

After this, click on the "Save" button. The module for the automatic distribution of dialogues will then be activated.

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