Setting up the connection between Zadarma and RetailCRM
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Create an API-key in the system and activate the methods of the "Telephony" and "Users" blocks for it.

Next, configure the following necessary settings in your personal "Zadarma" account:

  • creation of internal numbers of employees (each employee must have a unique internal number)
  • creation of API authorisation keys
  • activation of call recording


For the correct operation of the telephony, it is important that the equipment for receiving and making calls, for example, a softphone or IP phone, is configured to the internal numbers of the virtual PBX, or call forwarding to another number is enabled.

Next, you must connect the system to the telephony service. Go to the RetailCRM marketplace and click on the Zadarma integration module, then "Connect".

In the window that opens, specify the address of the CRM system and the previously created API key, and click on "Activate integration".

Next, configure the correspondence of employees and their extension codes.

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