How to set up telephony
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In the "Telephony" tab, you can specify general settings for the connected telephony services.

Option "Work with telephony" is responsible for enabling or disabling work with telephony in the system.

If the option is disabled, then the entire functionality of working with telephony is hidden. The following functions and sections are missing:

  • "Telephony" section in the system's marketplace;
  • call events in triggers;
  • call button ("tube" icon) and a link to call history wherever they are displayed;
  • the "Calls" tab in the "Communications" section;
  • "Calls" widget and "Call reports" section in analytics.

The setting "Take into account user status in pop-ups" is responsible for pop-ups of incoming calls, which will appear only for users who are in the "free" status.

Settings of searching calls/customers for binding

Setting "Bind history of calls to customers and orders" allows you to bind all incoming and outgoing calls to a phone number. Upon activation, it becomes possible to specify the period for which to look for a customer or order by phone number.


If a customer is found who is the contact person for only one corporate customer, the call will be bound to the order of that corporate customer.

The field "Time range of order search" allows you to configure the time range during which calls will be bound to an order created in this time period.

The setting "Order statuses to be excluded" excludes the binding of calls to the order, based on the selected statuses.

In the field "Time range of calls search" you can set the time settings during which incoming or outgoing calls from the customer will be taken into account and uploaded before creating an order.

How does the system look for calls/customers to bind?

When a phone call comes in, the system searches the customer base for an identical phone number. If the phone numbers match, then the call is bound to the corresponding customer.

When creating a customer, the system searches the call base for the presence of an identical phone number. If the phone numbers match, then all calls made from this number are bound to this customer.

In the event of a phone call from a customer with an already created order, the system will search the customer base for the presence of an identical phone number in order to bind the order to the required customer. When searching for an order bound to a call, orders within the time range specified in the settings will be taken into account.

The setting "Fix phone from the call card" is responsible for the fact that when creating an order/customer from the call card, the value of the "Phone" field will be filled in with the caller's number. Editing the field is not available until saving.

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