Working with the order page

A guide on how to create an order in the system and how to work with it. Main blocks on the order page and a detailed description of their functions.

Output of customer data to the order card
This article describes the creation of a set of fields in the customer card that can be viewed directly on the order page.
Weight and dimensions
This article describes how to display parcel related data, such as weight and dimensions, in the order card and calculate them automatically using product properties.
Working with deliveries in an order
This article describes the main functions available when working with deliveries within an order. It also covers the options for displaying an address, using the Geohelper address search service, delivery type settings, and the calculation of delivery costs.
Working with payments in the order
This article describes how to work with payments in an order, as well as the implementation of a 'cash on delivery' procedure for individual payment methods.
Customer and operator comment
The order page has fields for customer and operator comments. These are separate text fields for additional information considered important while working with the order. Comments are saved on the order card.
Working with communications in an order
Sending e-mails and SMS from the order card. Viewing the history of communication with the customer regarding the current order.
Working with financial information in an order: adding and classifying costs
This article describes how to work with costs in the order card.
Simultaneous viewing and editing of an order
This function allows several managers to work on the page of one order at simultaneously, avoiding errors in saving data.